Ayahuasca healing process

Basucally healing with yaje is removing the astral cause of the problem. The curandero is supposed to be trined to be able to see it and remove it with his ayahuasca icaros. Ayahuasca is an example of man's traditional use of magical substances in the treatment of disease. Although it is convenient to separate out categories of drug use in which disease is viewed apart from supernatural concerns, it is important here is that ayahuasca healing in the Peruvian Amazon has very definite supernatural components of etiology, diag- nosis, and cure as well as being viewed by Ayahuasca curanderos and patients alike in terms of a spiritual philosophy. The Ayahuasca visions induced by the magic plant are interpreted by the ayahuasca healer (shaman, shipibo curandero) to be the personal or astral force responsible for illness, a major concern prior to the effecting of any cure. Anxiety and stress, both today and in the past, can reach intolerable levels, so that a drug healer receives a call to ameliorate acute symptoms. In such situations of distress, ayahuasca has received its most varied elaboration- entering into the realm of tenuous, uneasy interpersonal relations and acting as a restorer of equilibrium in difficult situations. The rpocess of healing with Yage can take many months depending how severe is the sickness, how strong is the shaman and how willing the patient is to participate in the healing process.


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The substance used in South America, especially in the Amazon basin, is a drink called ayahuasca, caapi, or yajé, which is produced from the stem of the vines Banisteriopsis caapi and the bush B. inebrians. Indians who use it claim that its virtues include healing powers and the power to induce clairvoyance, among others. This magical drink...

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